Scrolling through social media and wondering how you can get your hands on some new Major League Hacking (MLH) swag? Check out this guide on how to receive every single swag item we’re giving away this year. 

1. Participate in an MLH Member Event

Each season, MLH supports hackathons hosted around the world! Everyone who participates in one of our in-person MLH Member Events hosted in North America will receive our 2023 MLH and Capital One season t-shirt and stickers. For all other events, participants will receive our season stickers.

2. Register for Global Hack Week 

Global Hack Week is our beginner-friendly hacker festival. You can expect to complete challenges, chat at hacker hangouts, enjoy fun live sessions, build technical projects, and make new memories.

Everyone who registers for Global Hack Week and provides their address will get an MLH postcard and sticker sheet! Bonus swag is also awarded throughout the event. 

3. Register for a Hosted by MLH Hackathon

MLH hosts two digital hackathons every weekend for our community. Each weekend both hackathons have a unique theme and are designed for hackers either in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) or North America (NA).

Everyone who registers for a hosted by MLH Hackathon and provides their address will receive a pack of stickers!

4. Host a Pizza Fund Event

The MLH Pizza Fund provides financial support to small and in-person events like meetups and workshops! We send a swag pack to every Pizza Fund event for you to distribute to your attendees and event organizers.

5. Complete the MLH Hacker Census

MLH releases a survey twice a year to all the individuals in our community. Anyone who completes the survey is entered to win a prize. For this past Hacker Census, we awarded the winner a laptop of their choice! 

6. Complete the Major League Hacking Fellowship Program

The MLH Fellowship is a fully remote, 12-week internship where participants earn a stipend and learn to collaborate on real open source projects with peers and engineers from top companies. Each MLH Fellow receives a swag pack upon completion of the program. 

7. Complete TechTogether’s Microsoft Passport Challenge

Complete a series of beginner-friendly challenges to receive a TechTogether and Microsoft co-branded sticker pack and digital certificate!

This challenge is open to people of marginalized genders and available in the TechTogether space in the MLH Discord Community.


8. Participate in a TechTogether Hackathon

TechTogether is our series of gender-focused hackathons. Join us for two full days of skill-building and professional development workshops, networking with recruiters, and of course – fun activities like face masks. Each attendee has the option to work with a team to build a project like a website or mobile application with the support of mentors. 

Everyone who attends a TechTogether event in person as an attendee or volunteer will receive our TechTogether 2023 Season t-shirt.