Major League Hacking (MLH) is excited to announce Adobe is joining forces to empower hackers globally! Adobe helps creatives and developers build customized digital experiences, and their tools like Adobe Express and Adobe Creative Cloud are trusted by millions of users across the globe.

Your All-In-One Content Creation App

Adobe Express is an AI-first, all-in-one creativity app that makes it fast, easy, and fun to make, share, and print standout posters, flyers, cards, social media posts, videos, images, PDFs, logos and more.

Using Adobe Express, developers can take advantage of powerful APIs to build add-ons that unleash new features and workflows inside of Adobe Express. These add-ons enable connections to third-party tools that allow you to extend the functionality of Adobe Express to reach a new creative user base. 

The in-app developer experience is approachable and lightweight, and you can use familiar web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to build your add-on. There are also streamlined developer support options, including comprehensive docs, starter templates, detailed tutorials, video series, and a Discord channel dedicated to add-on developers.

According to Daniel “Dandie” Swain, a Senior Product Engineer at WellSaid Labs, “The development environment has been the easiest I’ve worked with, thanks to the documentation and the examples. In other environments, the example starter apps to take inspiration from aren’t quite as good, and it’s often more difficult to figure out whether they could seamlessly integrate with our current application.”

Once your add-on is ready for primetime, you can share it privately with select users to gather feedback and iterate before publishing and delivering your new add-on to millions of creatives right where they’re already working inside of Adobe Express.

Try the Adobe Express Challenge at Your Next Hackathon

Build an add-on with Adobe Express in your next hackathon project and enter the Most Creative Adobe Express Add-On prize category for your chance to win a Wacom Drawing Tablet and JBL Portable Speaker for you and each member of your team. 

To learn more and participate in the Most Creative Adobe Express Add-On challenge, visit the MLH website and register for an upcoming hackathon. To learn more about Adobe Express, check out the Adobe Express Quickstart Guide and head over to the exclusive MLH landing page for more resources.