It’s that time of year again! We’re thrilled to announce the 2015 Fall hackathon season, kicking off in August following our season finale, Hack the Planet. The 2015 Spring season was our biggest yet, with over 30,000 participants competing at 77 Major League Hacking events around the world.

This Fall, we’re looking ahead to more hackathons across more schools and we’re working harder than ever to facilitate the best possible experience for student hackers everywhere. Tons of you responded to our survey this year with a lot of awesome feedback, and while many of you said we should change nothing, plenty more offered some solid tips:

“More tortillas and better Wi-Fi!”
– Rutgers University

Vanderbilt University

Cornell University

“Bring free stuff to me =]”
Rochester Institute of Technology

“Robert’); DROP TABLE hackathons;”
University of Cincinnati

“I wish college was like that everyday.”
Penn State University

As we gear up for a new MLH season, hackathons have never been more relevant. Increasingly, these events are as much about learning and having fun as they are about building your personal brand as a developer and laying the groundwork for a career in technology.

“There’s just a moment where companies started to realize that the best students aren’t always necessarily at the career fair,” said Cassidy Williams, a developer evangelist for Venmo in an interview with Business Insider. “They’re at these hackathons … and they’re intrinsically motivated to actually get something done.”

So far, 14 hackathons are confirmed for the 2015 Fall MLH season with many more to be added in the weeks and months to come. Check out the links below and sign up for the mailing list for updates, and follow us on Twitter!

As always, happy hacking!

Planning an event and want to be included in the season? Apply for Sanctioning.