Our virtual event series, Global Hack Week is back in 2023! Last year, we had 9.5k attendees over 6 Global Hack Week events. This year, we’re turning up the heat and hosting a Global Hack Week every single month

Below is a summary of the exciting changes we’re making to Global Hack Week this year, and how you can get involved!

What is Global Hack Week?

Global Hack Week is a virtual monthly event series hosted by Major League Hacking where you can learn new skills, build your portfolio, attend fun sessions, and connect with thousands of hackers from around the world. Global Hack Week events are 100% free to attend, and no experience is necessary to participate. 

Who can participate in Global Hack Week?

Anyone is welcome to participate in Global Hack Week – there are no requirements to attend! At the event, you will have the opportunity to meet hackers from across the globe who share your passion for technology.

You’ll meet members from the Major League Hacking (MLH) team at the event! We have a brand new team of Global Hack Week Streamers who will be at each event to help you learn new technical skills. 

Important Announcements 

Since Global Hack Week events were so popular last year, we are now hosting them every month! All the things you love about Global Hack Week are here to stay like guilds, technical livestreams, and workshops but now you get to participate in them more often. 

Each event will feature a different theme to give you the chance to explore different topics. For example, we’re hosting a Global Hack Week on Social Good, APIs, and Gaming in the coming months! 

To help you keep track of all the Global Hack Week events happening this year, we also launched a new website! Now, you’ll be able to see a list of upcoming events and the detailed schedule for each event broken down by time zone. You’ll also be able to easily find and discover new Global Hack Week challenges to join!

Photo of the Global Hack Week website.

Check out our new Global Hack Week website!

Global Hack Week 2023 Swag

At every Global Hack Week, attendees will receive a wide variety of stickers and postcards. We will customize the stickers and postcards for every Global Hack Week, so you can collect up to 12 different types of sticker sheets this year! Want a preview of the swag? Check out our new website!

Throughout each event, we will also be doing our usual giveaways to our most active attendees. Participate in Global Hack Week workshops, activities, and more to win beanies, bags, tees – and other fun mystery items! 


To register for the next Global Hack Week, visit our website

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