Today is a very special day at MLH. We are delighted to announce that following the success of Hack The Planet we are bringing back our Season Finale Hackathon! Hack The Planet VR is a 24 hour event taking place now 4/1 in your dorm room, office, living room, amphitheatre, local coffee shop… Yes you guessed it right.

Hack The Planet VR will be the first ever Virtual Hackathon! Last season we discovered that 87% of hacks included hardware elements and what’s more an increasing number explored the uses of VR. Thanks to our partnerships with Oculus we’ve been able to bring Oculus Rift DK2 headsets to hundreds of hackathons around the globe. It’s time to put all the skills you’ve learned about building VR hacks in to use!

Immersed in the Hack The Planet VR universe, attendees will live the quintessential MLH hackathon experience and should expect nothing less than mentorship from prominent VR figures, mini events and outstanding quality food and drinks, all rendered in life like detail. The immersive nature of the experience will make you feel as if the international student hackathon community is gathered in the same place at the same time.


Here is all you need to know on the logistics:

  • We will be providing full travel reimbursements
  • We ask that you let your roommates know of any food allergies you may have
  • There will be a dedicated sleeping area on site
  • The Hacker that builds the tallest cup tower will win something amazing

We are particularly excited to have the amazing Kevin Flynn, creator of Tron, join us as a mentor throughout the hackathon. Something else to watch out for is that by getting through specific challenges you will be able to unlock awesome features such as a 24 hour livestream of a !Light battle between Neo and Agent Smith.

While the number and scale of MLH Member Events increase daily, we keep focused on our value of empowering hackers worldwide. Hack The Planet VR will give us the opportunity to reach hackers in all corners of the globe and continue to do what we do best.

View Event Website or Play the Game.