Every year, Hackcon keeps getting better and better, and Hackcon IV was no exception. From hiking to amazing views, it felt more like a retreat than a conference! It was a whirlwind of a weekend with so many awesome moments!

Day 1 was filled with:

Reuniting with old friends

Bus Hugs

And meeting so many new ones!

high five

And who could forget the incredible Prince from KnightHacks, who spent the entire weekend meeting everyone AND remembering all their facts!

And what about these backpacks?

GitHub Backpacks

Seriously. That was the most excitement I’ve ever heard over some swag. It definitely could’ve been confused with Swagcon for Swaggathon Swaggers.


Then, we kicked off Day 2

The start of the real conference items began with some really interesting discussions – from scale to burnout to encouraging hackers. Check out all the notes – in illustrated form!











Then it was time for talks!

It was really exciting to see the growth of regional hacker communities. There were also a ton of interesting topics that people spoke about on forming your team, building efficiency into your event, and handling ANYTHING that could go wrong! You can find the entire playlist here!

And who could forget. . .

Group Photo

Our largest group photo yet!

We were even trending!

#HackconIV Trending!

Then, it was time to hang out.


We had a bit of fun playing Werewolf!

Ladies Storm Hackathons Meetup

Stories and stickers were shared at a Ladies Storm Hackathons meetup.


And who could fur-get about the bear?


Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

We started to “rap” up with some bars from VandyHacks.

And the League dropped some stats on us.

Tim, Commissioner of Major League Hacking, compiled a ton of data from our organizers and hackers to give some insight on how to build our hackathons with hackers in mind.

Then, there were some drone wars.

Drone Wars

And our least favorite part of Hackcon.


It’s hard to imagine that Hackcon IV has come and gone, but the friendships and memories we made there will last forever. Our community members had a voice, and people even documented their adventures. Now, it’s time for us to start building our hackathons better for the future and write our stories for Hackcon V.

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We’ll see you soon.


Hackcon IV is over, but you can still share your stories at Hackcon EU. Organizers will be meeting in Eindhoven, Netherlands to build the future of hackathons in Europe.

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