Major League Hacking (MLH) is committed to empowering hackers during the COVID-19 outbreak and working with organizers to support their local communities digitally. We will continue to maintain our official guidance for hackers, organizers, and sponsors in our always up-to-date COVID-19 recommendations post.

Given the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to transition Local Hack Day (LHD) from in-person to an online format. In place of an in-person Local Hack Day Share this April, we will be hosting  an online-only version of Local Hack Day instead of an in-person event. All Local Hack Day Share events will be run digitally, where you’ll be able to hang out with your local community online instead of in-person.

What does this mean?

This digital Local Hack Day is an opportunity to experience our community in an entirely new way. Bringing communities together online has never been more important than today. We will need everyone to work together to make sure this is a fun experience. We will be still running giveaways, prizes, workshops, demos, and other activities all online. We will be running these events through our online broadcast as well as our chat tool, Discord. We can’t wait to connect with everyone online and are excited for you to join us!

How to participate

  • Register for Local Hack Day if you haven’t already. You can find a list of events available online here. As of today, you can also register to be a global participant, if you don’t have a “nearby” Local Hack Day.
  • Check in with your local organizer. Details will be changing quickly so make sure you know the latest plans from your organizer. 
  • Spread the word about the digital Local Hack Day. The more people participating online, the better the experience will be for everyone.
  • Tune in to our MLH Broadcast on April 11th. We will be running giveaways, prizes, workshopsm, demos, and other fun activities.

MLH Broadcast Schedule

We are planning ways to tie the broader community together. One of those ways will be a planned Local Hack Day broadcast over a live streamed video. The Major League Hacking team will be broadcasting throughout Local Hack Day Digital for everyone to tune into. This broadcast will include announcements, workshops, highlights, and more!

All times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on April 11th, Local Hack Day around the world will run 12 hours, 9 AM to 9 PM locally. Tune in at the right time for your event.

April 11th

  • 00:01 UTC – Welcome to our APAC events!
  • 02:00 UTC – Workshop 1 – Build and Deploy Your First Website
  • 03:00 UTC – Azure Workshop
  • 04:00 UTC – Workshop 2 – Basic Training: An Introduction to Python Skills
  • 05:00 UTC – Azure Workshop / Giveaways
  • 06:00 UTC – Workshop 3 – How to Collaborate on Code Projects with GitHub
  • 07:00 UTC – Azure Workshop
  • 08:00 UTC – APAC Demos
  • 09:00 UTC – Welcome to our EU / AFR events!
  • 10:00 UTC – Workshop 1 – Build and Deploy Your First Website
  • 11:00 UTC – APAC closing remarks / highlights
  • 12:00 UTC – Workshop 2 – Basic Training: An Introduction to Python Skills
  • 13:00 UTC – Azure Workshop
  • 14:00 UTC – Workshop 3 – How to Collaborate on Code Projects with GitHub
  • 15:00 UTC – Welcome to our US events!
  • 16:00 UTC – EU / AFR Demos
  • 18:00 UTC – Workshop 1 – Build and Deploy Your First Website
  • 19:00 UTC – Azure Workshop
  • 20:00 UTC – Workshop 2 – Basic Training: An Introduction to Python Skills
  • 21:00 UTC – EU / AFR closing remarks / highlights
  • 22:00 UTC – Workshop 3 – How to Collaborate on Code Projects with GitHub
  • 23:00 UTC – Azure Workshop
  • 24:00 UTC – US Demos
  • 01:00 UTC – Azure Workshop
  • 03:00 UTC – Closing statement / Highlights

Code of Conduct

Ensuring a safe environment is just as important at a digital event. Local Hack Day will be a space free of abuse and harassment. Hackers have agreed to the MLH Code of Conduct and this applies to online settings as well. The Major League Hacking Incident Response team is treating all incidents at digital events with the same level of seriousness that we treat incidents at in-person events. Our MLH Team will be online to help handle incidents, and as always, our Incidents hotline will be staffed at all hours (Contact information here).

In addition to our MLH Team helping moderate Discord, we will work with our community to ensure at least one moderator is actively moderating all chats throughout the event. If anything is posted that violates the Code of Conduct, please contact a moderator.

To prevent any potential violations, our MLH Staff will stress the importance of maintaining a safe space during our MLH Broadcast. We also encourage you to remind hackers of how serious you’re treating incidents in pre-event communication as well as your own team’s opening ceremony. 

Swag & Stickers

We are still sending swag and stickers to local communities around the world that have registered and been approved to host an event by March 20th. We have instructed them to hold on to them and pass these items out at a time that it is safe to distribute them. We would love to see organizers use them to host future events and build their communities. Please check in with your local community leaders for further details about stickers and swag.

MLH is here for you

We will be working to provide even more resources to our community that will enable every Local Hack Day organizer and attendee to have a great experience in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for more! 

We’re committed to supporting you and your events. If there’s anything you need more help on, reach out to your organizer or the Local Hack Day team (