Friendly reminder to hack outdoors. Iowa is gorgeous, yo.

Friendly reminder to hack outdoors. Iowa is gorgeous, yo.

If You Build It, They Will Come… and Build Some More

What do I think about when I think about Iowa?

Election straw polls, perhaps. Maybe farmland. I had initially thought that Iowa was the state where Superman grew up, but that turned out to be Kansas. (Whoops) A Google search would later inform me that Iowa was once a part of French Louisiana. Of that, I had no idea, and I now find myself on the verge of falling down a Wikipedia rabbit-hole.

I do know what I want to think about Iowa, though. In a year or so, I would love to primarily think of Iowa as the home of HackISU – the premier Midwestern college hackathon, perhaps rivaling nearby Michigan’s MHacks. Until then, HackISU is best regarded as a very fresh, very excitable, and very passionate emerging hackathon event coming out of Iowa State University.

This weekend will see HackISU’s second iteration, coming off a successful first-run this past April. The first HackISU saw an attendance of about 150 students and some pretty solid hacks, including the winning hack “Hackulus Leap” — a grassroots reconstruction of an Oculus Rift that uses a Leap Motion and a Nexus 7 to interface. For more information about HackISU I, you should really check out this really lively recap. Note of caution: the word “kumquat” is involved.

This semester’s HackISU will probably see an expanded group of attendees. As I write this, hacking groups are in the middle of solidifying — if you’re hitting up HackISU and still looking for a team, you should check out this Facebook group.

Alright, some details:

Registration                   : 6 pm on Friday, Sept 12th.

Hackathon Begins      : 8 pm on Friday, Sept 12th.

Hackathon Ends          : 8 am on Sunday, Sept 14st.

Project Fair/                  : 9 am on Sunday, Sept 14st.

All events will take place in Howe/Hoover Hall on the Iowa State U campus.

For more information, check out the HackISU website here.

If you’re a hacker alum, a kind sponsor/mentor, or just somebody with a lot of love to give, tweet the HackISU team nice words at @HackISU.