If you’ve ever started a band, you know that finding a drummer can just be the hardest thing to do. The Beatles, for example, had to go through a bunch of folks before settling on Ringo Starr. But with this amazing hardware hack, you don’t have to go out through that painful, agonizing process. Well, you still probably have to, but at least you can run stag for your first few shows.

This amazing musical gadget was hacked together by ISU students Jason Herzog, Antonio Robert Starr Montoya, Christopher Alvarez, and Joseph Cramsey. It was the winning hardware hack at last week’s HackISU, Iowa State University’s awesome hackathon.

You can check out the drum machine in the video embedded above. The actual drumming starts at 1:25.

Remember that 2002 movie Drumline? Imagine how interesting that movie would be if it had, like, ten of these.