So how are we going to figure out which school gets to keep the totally epic MLH trophy at the end of the 2013 Fall Season? At each official MLH event, students will earn points for their respective schools by doing what they do best – hacking on awesome stuff. We’ll be working directly with the event organizers to keep track of how many points each school earns. Then, at the end of the season, the school with the most points will be awarded the trophy along with the title of the 2013 Fall Season Champion.

How do I earn points for my school?

There are two ways that an individual hacker can contribute points to their schools: participation and merit.

  1. Event Participation – For each student who attends an official MLH event and successfully completes a hack, that student’s school will receive 1 point if the event is at their home school and 2 points if they travel to another school (Note: This was updated on 10/2/2013). The hacker must be physically present at the event to qualify. A “successfully completed” hack is one that was submitted for judging or presented in demos. The event organizers will have the final say in what qualifies as completed and what does not.
  2. Hack Merit – Each official MLH event is allocated 1,000 points to distribute to hackers based on the merit of their hack. For example, an event organizer might decide that winning 1st place at their event comes with 500 of their MLH points that they were given to distribute. The awarded points are divided equally among the respective schools of the hack’s authors. In the given example, if the winning hack was built by five hackers, two from “University A” and three from “University B”, then “University A” would receive 250 points and “University B” would also receive 250 points.

A school’s total score is the sum of all the participation and merit points it accumulates at the official MLH events for that season.