At Microsoft, I am a Software Engineer working on the Microsoft Teams platform which includes the open-source Teams SDK library. I am focused on improving performance and usability in Teams tabs and meetings. 

How I Learned About the MLH Fellowship

I was in batch 0 of the MLH Fellowship program primarily working on Glider, a program that allows programmers to program their hardware in CircuitPython via mobile device. I heard about the MLH Fellowship through a technical Facebook group. 

The MLH Fellowship taught me that you can make large and meaningful open-source changes early in your career if you have the right mentorship. I never thought that I could quickly and directly make changes to public code. Team planning, collaboration, and responsiveness to user feedback are something I continue to focus on as I continue to contribute to open source at Microsoft and beyond. 

Launching My Career with the MLH Fellowship

Since I knew that I would likely need to work with the app SDK, I did mention in interviews that I had past experience in open source both at AT&T and with MLH. Given this is not very common in my early career and I would be the youngest on the team, I believe that this assured them that I was prepared to make meaningful, impactful contributions and take on more responsibility at an earlier level. 

Advice for Applying to the MLH Fellowship

My advice for people interested in the MLH Fellowship is to show your passion! It is one thing to have the skills and the experience, but ultimately you will be working on something brand new and it is important to stay excited and determined in the face of technological challenges. The passion and desire to conquer challenges are what will make you successful during the course of the internship. 

Interested in the MLH Fellowship?

For more information about the MLH Fellowship and to apply for the program, visit our website here. Stay connected with Kaela on LinkedIn here!