Today we are very excited to announce a new experiment that the Major League Hacking (MLH) team has had in the works for a few months. This weekend at HackDFW we’ll be shooting a 60-minute Hackathon show. There are a lot of variables still in play as to how we will share it with the world and what it will actually look like, but our goal is to create one of the most authentic and inspiring stories possible about how student hackers actually work at hackathons. We’ll be primarily following 4 teams of student hackers that you know and love at HackDFW as they hack away their weekends, if you see us at the event come say hi!

We’ve received tons of great feedback from hackers about the video content we’ve been producing through on our YouTube and Live Streams. We’ve heard time and time again about how our videos motivated someone to actually attend their first hackathon or inspired their craziest hack. We think that this Hackathon show could be a way to scale that experience beyond just the people who already know about Hackathons and into the mainstream.

Every student should have the opportunity to become a hacker and join a hacker community. Whether or not they have a vibrant hacker community at their school, or have been exposed to hackathons before, we want them to be inspired by the creativity and drive of the students building amazing technology at MLH events. By creating more mainstream depictions of positive hacker culture, we will help to excite a new generation of hackers to join this movement.

If you want to hear more, follow along with the #HackathonTV hashtag this weekend to see behind-the-scenes photos and updates from @MLHacks. You can also follow the show’s hosts Jon Gottfried, Dave Fontenot, and Rebecca Garcia for more.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting experiment. Happy hacking everyone!