Starting today, you can officially pre-register to run an MLH Localhost event on your campus. MLH Localhost makes it as easy as possible to teach your fellow hackers new skills, run community-building activities, and create a space where people will come together to learn, build, and share awesome technology with their new friends. It’s a Hacker Club in a box.

MLH Localhost was developed because of what we learned from our extensive surveying of hackers and organizers in the community. 60% of our students are not a member of a hacker club on campus but they overwhelmingly told us that they wanted more workshops, coding classes, and hack nights.

We also know how hard it is to run a hacker club on campus and continuously come up with new ways to engage your community. There is an immense amount of demand from students to get more involved with their campus hacker clubs, but organizers are already very strapped for time. MLH Localhost solves this problem with pre-packaged activities from MLH like technical workshops or games that will make running your hacker club easier and more engaging for your members and reduce the stress of constantly having to re-invent the wheel as an organizer.

You can check out our launch activities and pre-register to run events at the MLH Localhost website, but rest assured that you will be seeing additions coming out throughout the Spring 2017 semester and beyond.

We can’t wait to see you build vibrant, engaged hacker communities on your campus. All you need to host an MLH Localhost event is a space on campus and a group of people who want to learn, build, and share.

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