Early this month, Major League Hacking (MLH) kicked off our 2024 Hackathon Season! As part of the kick-off, we announced this year’s MLH Top 50 Class for 2023. We carefully selected 50 outstanding members from our community, and we can’t wait to share their inspiring stories with all of you!

About the MLH Top 50

The MLH Top 50 is a prestigious program that celebrates the unique stories and meaningful contributions of hackers within our community. With over 150,000 hackers working towards our mission to empower hackers worldwide, the MLH Top 50 highlights the exceptional talents and accomplishments of our members. 

From empowering underrepresented groups in tech to solving real-world challenges through innovative projects, each member of the MLH Top 50 makes our community stronger and more vibrant.

Introducing the Class of 2023

This year, we had an incredible class of hackers who have left an indelible mark on the tech world. Among the MLH Top 50 Class of 2023, 72% identify as part of an underrepresented group, showcasing the diversity and inclusivity within our community. Additionally, Python emerged as the favorite language for 42% of this year’s recipients while 22% shared their love for reading as their favorite hobby!

This year, we are thrilled to showcase the extraordinary achievements of 50 outstanding members from our community. Each of these hackers has a unique and inspiring story that sets them apart, and we’re so excited to share them with you. 

Meet 4 Top 50 2023 Recipients

1. Dorsa Rohani – The Tech Innovator with a Purpose 🌟

Dorsa’s sister’s battle with cancer ignited her drive to use technology for good. Her hackathon projects, LungML and Medic.AI, are groundbreaking applications with the potential to save lives. 

2. Harita Suresh – The Coding Trailblazer 🌟

Harita and her sister Sharada started coding at a young age, and their passion for tech led them to found Little Apple Academy. Their project-based curriculum is transforming young minds worldwide, inspiring future generations of coders.

3. Mareline Ramirez – Empowering Miami’s Tech Community 🌟

Mareline’s switch from healthcare to tech was a bold move but she quickly found her place in the hacker community. Leading TechTogether Miami, she champions gender equality in tech, creating opportunities for underrepresented hackers.

4. Utkarsh Tiwari – The Educator and Mentor Extraordinaire 🌟

Coming from a family of teachers, Utkarsh’s skill as an educator shines through his roles as an MLH Coach and Pod Leader. His patient and supportive teaching style empowers coders to reach their full potential. As a dedicated member of the tech community, Utkarsh’s contributions extend beyond MLH, with active involvement in Lions Clubs International and Leo Club of Walkeshwar Achievers.