CALLING ALL HACKERS! Whether this is your first day of coding or your thousandth, come kick it with the global hacker community at our kickoff event for the 2022 Hackathon Season. 

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What is INIT?

INIT is a celebration for the start of the 2022 Hackathon Season, running from June 27 through July 4th! While this is the first time we are running INIT, the format will feel familiar to those who have participated in Local Hack Day. You can expect to complete challenges, hear about BIG community announcements, chat at hacker hangouts, enjoy fun live sessions, and make new memories (and memes).

What can I expect at the event?

We will be bringing back all of your favorite features of MLH events such as Local Hack Day style challenges, live technical sessions with MLHers, mini-events galore, and some cool content from our partners! Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Lots of exciting 2022 Season announcements
  • Beginner-friendly workshops
  • Challenges for all difficulty levels and all topics such as design, social, technical, entrepreneurial
  • Hacker-run guilds and leaderboards
  • Panels and talks from friends of MLH and our partners
  • Live sessions run by MLHers
  • And maybe an appearance from Totally Not Ryan (TNR)


What does “INIT” mean? 

INIT is short for “initiate”! In a computer system, init is the very first process that runs as a computer boots up. Since it kicks off a computer’s work, we thought it would be the perfect name to call our kickoff event for the new 2022 Hackathon Season. 


What will be announced at INIT?

While in the past we have made many season announcements at Hackcon (our organizer conference), INIT felt like the perfect place to share exciting hacker-centric news. With that being said, we will be announcing the following:

  • The MLH Season Mascot
  • New Hacker Perks and Resources
  • The MLH Top 50 Class of 2021
  • And much more…


How can I get involved?

Similar to Local Hack Day, there are many ways to get involved. If you find yourself naturally gathering friends together for hackathons and other community events, you will make an amazing guild leader. As a guild leader, you’ll encourage people to complete challenges, earn points, and hang out together.

If organizing your own guild sounds a little intimidating, you can still join in on the fun by finding a guild suited to your interests. This is how most of our hackers will choose to participate in the event. Whatever you decide, we want you to have fun and enjoy the event on your own terms.


Can I get swag at this event?

Yes, of course! INIT 2022 will be the first opportunity of the 2022 Hackathon Season to get swag and it will even include our new season mascot… You’ll have to participate to find out!