Major League Hacking (MLH) is excited to announce a partnership with Kintone, a low-code web database, to empower hackers globally! 

Use the Kintone Database In Your Next Hack

Kintone is a low-code web database that lets you set up your backend in minutes. It’s beginner-friendly, allowing you to customize your Kintone app using nothing but JavaScript and HTML.

Unlike other databases, no servers are required, the databases are easy to manage, and the JS customizations are easy to build. It’s a game-changer for speedy development, making it the perfect tool for your next hackathon project!

Win an IoT Kit with the Kintone Challenge

If you’re interested in IoT, your team can snag a FREE microcontroller by signing up for a free Kintone Developer License. If you use Kintone in your hackathon project, you’ll have a chance to win a breadboard IoT kit to power up your next hardware hack. 

To learn more and participate in the Best Use of Kintone Challenge, visit the MLH website and register for an upcoming hackathon

“We hope Kintone helps you get hacking quick for all your data saving and fetching needs. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!” – Sean and Genji, Kintone Japan 

To learn more about Kintone, check out their blog post Quick Start on Using Kintone Web Database in a Hackathon Project, fork their example project GitHub repos, and subscribe to their YouTube Channel.