Filter made by Sanya Gupta in Christopher Gu’s Workshop

Local Hack Day: Learn took on a life of its own this year. Hackers poured in from all around the world with the same goal: to learn new skills (and probably to earn some awesome swag too).  You attended workshops and talks, built mini-communities, and had a blast all while participating from the comfort of your home.


Local Hack Day By The Numbers

Local Hack Day: Learn brought hackers from around the world together for a week of learning new skills, networking, and making memories. This week wouldn’t have been the same without all of our amazing workshops. There were over 100 workshops led by community members, seasoned developers and friends of MLH, and MLH Coaches. 

It was truly a group effort that amassed just shy of 10,000 participants! We love to see your passion for learning new skills which we know will take you all far!

Together hackers formed more than 200 active Guilds (self-organized groups of hackers) The Top 10 Guilds even special swag by attending sessions, mini-events, and actively participating all week long. 

For those who missed it, we will be publishing some of the sessions that were hosted by the friends of MLH on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for an update in the Hacker newsletter later this month. Subscribe below!

Local Hack Day: Learn Closing Ceremony including the Top 10 Guild Announcements

Big Thanks To…

  • Our presenting partner Microsoft and sponsor GitHub who have continued to provide our hackers with tons of resources!
  • Our amazing swag parters Sticker Mule and Brand Makers for helping us to create some truly sick prizes for all attendees.
  • All of our wonderful Organizers – you help hackers to succeed every day in all the things you do. Whether it be starting a Guild or organizing a workshop, the hacker community wouldn’t be the same without you.
  • The friends of MLH who hosted workshops and talks: DataStax, Radar, Adobe XD, Blockstack, Elastic, Horizen, TwilioQuest, Rob Spectre, Chris Gu, Red Bull Basement Program and livestream panelists, the Microsoft Student Ambassadors, and the GitHub Campus Experts!
  • The MLH Coaches who staffed the event and helped to lead workshops for our community continuing to uphold the value, “MLH Provides.”
  • And… the thousands of hackers who spent the week learning new skills and making memories with all of us!

Capital One Intro to Python Workshop led by Kartikey Rawat

How Can You Get More Involved in MLH?

That’s a great question! Here are several ways you can get more involved in MLH this season!

  1. Learn more skills with MLH Localhost!

Participate in beginner-friendly technical workshops led by MLH Coaches and community members! These workshops cover the latest and hottest topics in tech from Blockchain to Full Stack Web Dev. You can learn it all through these workshops! They are held for all time zones on Monday – Saturday! See all upcoming workshops!

  1. Attend a Hackathon

Want to try out your new skills at an invention competition? Try out an MLH hackathon! Whether it’s run by us or is a membered event, you are bound to make new friends, industry contacts, and add new skills and a hack to your portfolio and resume. Plus, the swag is pretty cool! Sign up right away!

  1. Sign up for Local Hack Day: Build

Local Hack Day: Learn is just one event in the Local Hack Day series along with Build and Share. At Local Hack Day: Build, you get the chance to put all of your new skills to the test in this one day build-a-thon. Sign up now!

  1. Apply for the MLH Fellowship

Looking to level up your development skills? Check out the MLH Fellowship where we have 3 different programs designed to help you improve your skills and build out your portfolio! We’ve got the Explorer program designed for those starting out and looking to build out their portfolio. There’s also the open-source program for those looking to gain experience working on huge projects used by people all over the world. Lastly, we have the Externship for those looking to work with real companies and organizations on exciting projects. Apply now!

  1. Go to an MLH Peer Group

Interested in organizing? Check out the MLH Peer Groups where we cover topics around organizing events whether that be an MLH Localhost workshop or a digital hackathon. These peer-led sessions also feature our Hackathon Community Managers and Localhost Community Coordinators who are there to answer your questions as well as facilitate conversation amongst you and your fellow hackers. Sign up now!