Since 2019, MongoDB and Major League Hacking (MLH) have partnered to introduce MongoDB to the next generation of developers across the world, providing them an opportunity to build with MongoDB… and have fun while doing it.

MongoDB’s mission is to empower innovators to create, transform, and disrupt industries by unleashing the power of software and data. Built by developers, for developers, the MongoDB database platform has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times since 2007, and there have been millions of builders trained through MongoDB University courses.

Reaching & Engaging Developers at Scale

MLH’s Hackathon League reaches 100,000+ developers globally through 200+ events each year. During these events, hackathon attendees come together as a team, usually of 3–4 student developers, and go from ideation to product creation in an entire weekend.

For many students, attending a hackathon is a flagship event in their tech journey. Hackathons continue to be a space for student and early-career developers to come together, build community, and most importantly learn about new technologies.

In Fall 2023, 88% of MLH community members reported that MLH events help them learn skills they don’t get in the classroom. While students learn key foundational skills in class, hackathons are where they go to put all of these skills together and understand what it’s like to build in the wild world of tech.

Hackers Love MongoDB

Over the last two years, hackers at hundreds of MLH Hackathon League events have had the opportunity to tinker with MongoDB. Teams that used MongoDB Atlas in their hackathon project would share how they leveraged its functionality and capabilities, and students who won the “Best Use of MongoDB Atlas” prize each received an M5GO IoT kit to continue their hacking journey.

“I find setting up MongoDB very easy. The simplicity in its installation process and user-friendly documentation made the experience smooth. The step-by-step guides and online forums provided ample resources for any queries. MongoDB’s intuitive interface and clear instructions significantly contributed to the ease of the entire process,” said an aspiring software developer.

“Overall, MongoDB is a powerful and versatile database that is well-suited for a wide range of applications. It’s flexible, can handle unstructured data easily, and is highly scalable. It’s also extremely intuitive and easy to use, and it allows for faster data retrieval and data processing than other options on the market. Since it’s cloud based, it’s extremely easy to deploy and operate clusters, and if you ever run into trouble there’s an extremely active community where you can find help. Overall MongoDB is a great choice for developers looking for a fast, reliable, and scalable database,” said another student developer.

As a partner of the MLH Hackathon League, MongoDB has reached over 40,000 developers and given them a fun, engaging way to learn about database platforms.

Want to learn more about MongoDB? Head over to MongoDB University to get started on your data journey. Hackers that complete a learning path can even receive a free MongoDB certification through the GitHub Student Developer Pack!