Major League Hacking (MLH) is excited to announce a partnership with MongoDB, to empower developers globally! Together, Major League Hacking, a global community powering the next generation of developers, and MongoDB, a developer data platform that makes data incredibly easy to work with, will help teach students critical data and developer skill sets.

According to MLH’s Fall 2022 Student Developer Survey (~10,000 respondents), nearly half of respondents want to learn how to use MongoDB this year. This partnership will enable students to get hands-on experience working with MongoDB and access free educational resources through MLH’s weekly hackathons. 

MongoDB Atlas – Best Database Platform for Your Next Hackathon

MongoDB Atlas is a multi-cloud database with an integrated set of related services that allow development teams to address the growing requirements for today’s wide variety of modern applications, all in a unified and consistent user experience.

MongoDB Atlas is more than a general-purpose database, it’s a full developer data platform – easily deploy and manage databases on-demand when and where you need them. 

Below are some ways you could use MongoDB Atlas in your next hackathon project.

1) Simplify the way you integrate database functionality into your hackathon project by starting a free cluster or using your introductory $50 Atlas credits for students. 

2) Take your hackathon project to the next level, and deploy a database to the cloud in minutes. Signing up is easy and hassle-free with no credit card required! 

Key Benefits for Students

MongoDB is one of the most prevalent database providers in the world, and we’ve got a range of opportunities to help you get started building on their platform. 

1) Receive $50 of free MongoDB Atlas credits through the GitHub Student Developer Pack, along with a MongoDB certification ($150 in value). The Forever Free Tier is available if you are no longer a student. 

2) Enter the “Best Use of MongoDB Atlas” challenge at an upcoming MLH event for a chance to win a M5GO iOT Starter Kit. To participate in the challenge, check out our website and register for an upcoming event! 

Interested in taking advantage of your MongoDB Atlas perks? Check out their website here