To allow students to get more involved in the open source movement and gain real-world experience working  on an open source software project team, Major League Hacking (MLH), a global community empowering the next generation of developers, partnered with Gradle, the provider of the open-source Gradle Build Tool which is downloaded more than 30 million times a month.

About the MLH Fellowship Program

The MLH Fellowship is a 12-week internship alternative for aspiring software engineers. MLH Fellows on the Software Engineering track experience what it’s like to collaborate in a small group on a real project from one of the program’s partners. Participants earn a stipend and learn to collaborate on real open source projects with peers and engineers from top companies like Gradle.

About Gradle 

Gradle is the company behind the popular open-source Gradle Build Tool, which was counted by TechCrunch as one of the “Top 20 Most Popular Open-Source Projects for IT”, and the provider of the leading software solution for improving developer productivity and happiness called Develocity (formerly Gradle Enterprise). Gradle is on a mission to empower software development teams to reach their full potential for joy, creativity, and productivity. In support of this mission, Gradle is pioneering the emerging practice of Developer Productivity Engineering, with the company’s founder and CEO, Hans Dockter, as the foremost thought leader in this space.

An Inside Look into the MLH Fellowship Program

This past summer, Gradle sponsored two MLH Fellows – Ahmed Ehab and Ganavi Jayaram. The fellows helped Gradle tackle a variety of issues throughout the MLH program, such as updating Gradle Build Tool documentation, implementing support features, and improving error handling for the project.

“The Fellowship has been a great experience. Because of this program, I have an opportunity to work with a complex organization and codebase like Gradle,” said Ahmed. “The project is very large so I had some struggles understanding it at first, but my mentor was very helpful and supportive – now I’ve submitted three PRs!”

The MLH Fellows were mentored by Gradle Build Tool’s maintainer and senior lead software engineer, Louis Jacomet. He shared that, “The MLH Fellows have performed well overall. They’re learning how to interact with a complex project, and I’ve enjoyed fielding their insightful questions and seeing their progress at the weekly office hours.”

Interested in the MLH Fellowship?

For more information about the MLH Fellowship and to apply for the program, visit our website here