Major League Hacking (MLH) is excited to announce a partnership with Streamlit to empower hackers globally! To teach students critical developer skills, Major League Hacking, a global community powering the next generation of developers, has partnered with Streamlit, an open-source Python library.

“We are excited to partner with Major League Hacking to empower hackathon participants to build dazzling data apps with Python and connect with our passionate community of developers. In particular, we believe that when students see that they can build a complete LLM-powered app in 25 lines of code, they’ll be hooked! We can’t wait to see what students create with Streamlit and share on our Community Cloud. Happy Streamlit-ing! “ said the Streamlit team. 

Through the partnership, Major League Hacking will work with Streamlit to teach young developers how to easily create data science and machine learning web applications using their platform. With Streamlit, our community will be able to build interactivity and visualizations into their next Python project. 

Take Your Python Skills to the Next Level with Streamlit

Streamlit enables developers to do more with Python. Instead of being limited to writing Python scripts that lack a user interface, developers can quickly build beautiful, performant web apps that combine interactive widgets with data visualizations.

Streamlit is also a tool for student developers to advance their careers and connect with a larger community of developers. Streamlit’s open-source library recently reached 100,000 monthly active developers! Students can also apply to become a Streamlit Student Ambassador. As an ambassador, students will get more hosting resources to build educational Streamlit apps, gain exclusive access to Streamlit experts and training, build a digital portfolio to advance their careers, and strengthen their leadership skills through hackathons and peer mentorship. 

Build Beautiful Web Apps with Just Python

Streamlit is an open-source Python library that makes it easy to build and share custom web apps for machine learning, data science, and more. It takes less than a minute to get started, and in no time you’ll be turning your Python scripts into beautiful web apps, complete with widgets and data visualizations. 

To make things even easier, you can share your new creation by deploying it directly to Streamlit Community Cloud. When you build with Streamlit, you’ll join a worldwide community of 100k+ developers combining their passions for Python and data.

Use Streamlit in your next hackathon project, and enter to win the Best Use of Streamlit challenge for your chance to win a Pimoroni PicoSystem Handheld Programmable Gaming System. Use their Getting Started guide and documentation to help you get set up and hacking!