Major League Hacking (MLH), in partnership with Meta, is excited to bring back the Production Engineering Track of the MLH Fellowship!

The MLH Fellowship is a fully remote, 12-week internship alternative where participants earn a stipend and learn to collaborate on real open source projects with peers and engineers from top companies. The MLH Fellowship currently offers three tracks in Software Engineering, Production Engineering, and Web3 Engineering.

The Production Engineering Track is designed to give participants relevant and hands-on work experience, so they have the necessary technical skills for a career in Production Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, or DevOps after graduating from the program. Since 2021, MLH and Meta have graduated over 200 students from the Production Engineering track of the MLH Fellowship.

“Before the Fellowship, I wouldn’t have considered myself ready for roles beyond SWE. As part of the program, though, I had access to the resources and mentorship I needed to prepare for SRE roles, and now I’m starting a DevOps and Cloud Engineering internship!” said Roa Brahimi, MLH Fellowship graduate. 

What is Production Engineering?

Production Engineering (PE), also known as Site Reliability Engineering or DevOps, is one of the most in-demand skills that tech companies are hiring for. 

At Meta, Production Engineers are a hybrid between software and systems engineers and are core to engineering efforts that keep Meta platforms running and scaling. PEs work within Meta’s product and infrastructure teams to make sure products and services are reliable, scalable, and secure. This means writing software, developing new systems and tools, and debugging hard problems in existing production systems across Meta services — like Meta AI, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Meta Quest – and backend services like Storage, Cache, and Network.

What will MLH Fellows learn in the Production Engineering Track?

In the Production Engineering Track of the MLH Fellowship, you’ll learn the skills needed to keep products running. You’ll write code and debug hard problems. By the end of the program, you will gain valuable technical skills and the experience needed for a career in Production Engineering.

MLH Fellows in the Production Engineering track will get access to industry-leading curriculum and access to mentorship from engineers at Meta. The program will cover the following topics: Linux Fundamentals, Scripting, Databases, Services, Testing, Containers, CI/CD, Monitoring, Networking, Troubleshooting, and Interview skills.

Where can I go to learn more about the MLH Fellowship?

Check out our website to learn more about the MLH Fellowship, and apply here for the Fall 2024 program! For any questions about the MLH Fellowship, you can also email our team at

Interested in becoming a partner? Visit our partner’s page to learn how you can get involved with the MLH Fellowship.