I’ve always been looking for an opportunity where I could collaborate with people from different walks of life because I wanted to get a feel of what it means to be a global citizen. And here comes the MLH Fellowship giving me this opportunity to be this citizen through open source. I saw it on Twitter and decided to try it out and oh my, it was perfect for me!

From being denied straight up two times, to almost getting in(at the last stage) & denied again and finally landing the initial interview with Stephen Cropper to concluding the first Demo Day with GitHub, everything has been surreal to me. This single blog will not be enough to discuss my experiences.

Believing in myself and embracing failure as a stepping stone, I’ve come to understand that hard work and passion drive me toward my goals. Daily standups with fellow participants from various backgrounds have fostered a sense of global camaraderie. We openly discuss our progress, challenges, and next steps under the wonderful guidance of Damir Temir, our Pod(23.SUM.B.1) Leader, creating a supportive environment for continuous improvement.

At the heart of this program, I’ve been collaborating with Suelen on a web framework called Starfyre, built using Python and founded by the brilliant and super cool Sanskar. Learning about Computer Science and core Software Engineering principles has been invigorating, thanks to Sanskar’s guidance.

Recently, we celebrated our GitHub Demo Day, where we had the privilege of interacting with the incredible GitHub team who are also sponsoring the Fellowship. The event was a testament to the power of Open Source and the potential for meaningful impact through collaborative efforts.

Here are some of my PRs:
– Fix: Improving the CLI
– Fix: Improve Component Parser for better output rendering
– Feat: Handle File based Routing for Starfyre

As I reflect on my MLH Fellowship journey so far, I am grateful for the lessons learned, the friends made, and the growth I’ve experienced. This is just the beginning, and I’m excited to build upon these experiences as I continue my pursuit of excellence and global collaboration. Looking to join in? Apply here, and good luck! 🔥

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