Major League Hacking (MLH) is excited to announce a partnership with MSI, a worldwide leader in computer hardware design, development, and production. Throughout 2024, select events will feature MSI devices and products for hackers to try out.

“MSI is very excited to partner with MLH and engage with the next generation of the tech industry. MSI is not just for gamers – it’s for everyone! Teaching students to navigate computers and software early on will benefit them in their future careers. MSI is proud to support the education system by integrating our products into STEM programs that require powerful capabilities such as Robotics, 3D design, Editing/Broadcasting, and AI-integration to name a few,” said MSI Esports Program Manager, Matthew Holley.

Keep reading to learn more about the awesome MSI products coming your way in the MLH Hardware Lab Presented by MSI!

Cutting Edge Devices for Gamers & Tech Enthusiasts

MSI is renowned for well-designed and high-performing products, and hackers will have a chance to try out their top-of-the-line equipment by visiting the Hardware Lab table at events. You’ll have the opportunity to borrow laptops, monitors, and more for the weekend. Check out the devices you’ll have access to below!

MSI Raider GE68HX 13VF Laptop

Make your hacking experience unforgettable by trying out the MSI Raider GE68HX laptop! Not only do the MSI Raider Series laptops offer excellent performance, but they also let you hack in style with a customizable RGB keyboard. This laptop is a great fit for design-intensive tasks like developing a video game or other heavy-load tasks. Featuring up to the latest Intel i9-14900HX processor with RTX4090 GPU, it can boost up to a total of 240W TDP. This beast is born to solve all your problems online!

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MSI Cyborg 15 A13VE Laptop

Looking to test drive your next gaming laptop? For amazing visuals and a smooth hacking experience, this device features a futuristic design without compromising on performance.

MSI Prestige 16 AI Evo Laptop

The MSI Prestige 16 AI Evo Laptop isn’t just another business and productivity laptop. It combines powerful performance with sleek aesthetics. Lightweight with a long battery life, and featuring up to the latest Intel Core Ultra 7 processor, Intel integrated Arc Graphics, and 32GB of RAM, this laptop offers a stunning visual output and can be used to train learning models or perform other memory intensive tasks. There’s also a version with Nvidia RTX4060 Graphics.

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MSI Creator Z16 Laptop

Unlock your creativity with the MSI Creator Z16 Laptop! Featuring the latest Intel 11th generation i9 core processor, you can edit up to 8K HDR RAW video and work with large 3D models without sacrificing performance. This ultralight and ultra slim laptop even features a miniLED backlit per key RGB keyboard and will let you hack in style.

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MSI Modern 27” Monitor

Tired of staring into a tiny laptop screen while you hack? Level up your hacking with MSI’s Modern MD272XPW 27″ Monitor. This monitor has plenty of screen space for your next hacking adventure and features 1920 x 1080 (FHD) resolution with less blue light to reduce strain on your eyes.

MSI Clutch GM41 Mouse

The last thing you need when you’re gaming (or hacking!) is to have your mouse slowing you down. The MSI Clutch GM41 Mouse is ultra lightweight and features precision optical sensors to keep up with your energy.

MSI Vigor GK50 Elite Keyboard

A legendary keyboard, the Vigor GK50 Elite from MSI offers you high performance with its mechanical switches and precise feel.

MSI Immerse GH20 Headset

Have you ever wondered if there’s a headset out there that you can wear for your hours-long gaming binge or for an entire hackathon? The MSI Immerse GH20 Headset is lightweight and plushy to offer ultimate comfort to hackers and compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox Series X™, PlayStation 5™, Nintendo Switch™, other game consoles, and mobile devices with a 3.5mm audio jack and a Y-cable extension.

Check out the MLH Hardware Lab Presented by MSI at your next hackathon!

Keep an eye out for MSI devices and products at your hackathon and level up your hacking by visiting the MLH table to check out some items. You can also stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest from MSI by joining the MSI student Discord community or checking out the MSI student page where you can learn more about the MSI Student Ambassador program and special discounts on laptops, mice, headsets and more.