Interested in using the blockchain or Web3 in your next hackathon project? Check out these incredible projects utilizing DeSo’s Web3 and blockchain technology. 

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1. Genesis Barrios, AlphabetSpacesBest Use of DeSo at PrideHacks

After I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and started working full-time as a Software Engineer, I continued participating in hackathons and started learning about Web3. For the past year, I’ve been exposed to the world of Web3 and entrepreneurship. I’m very inspired and lucky to be a part of the space!

At PrideHacks, I used DeSo to build my project Alphabet Spaces. AlphabetSpaces is a DeSo powered decentralized social media application to manage and find LGBTQ safe spaces and friends. I was inspired to create this project by my own struggle to find LGBTQ resources and communities.

DeSo is very useful, and interesting because you can use one social profile across several different social media websites and that in itself is very valuable. The documentation was very simple to use and easy to follow as well.

2. Chantal Pino, Soy MateBest Use of DeSo at Hack and Snack

I was always curious about how the world wide web and how automation played a part in making everyday people’s lives easier. Major League Hacking (MLH) came at a perfect time when I felt like I wanted to get practical experience while learning new technologies at the same time. MLH hackathons are beginner-friendly, fun, and a great place to make life-long friends. MLH hackathons continue to be a weekend event that I regularly attend!

Soy Mate is a platform that is essentially a dating app for foodies and food-centric individuals. When two people are a match, they can strike up a conversation and talk to each other using the chat module of our application. We used Deso’s identity API for authentication in our web app and used its user endpoints to provide a more personalized experience.

This was my first experience with anything blockchain-related and it was exciting to go over the API’s docs to try and integrate Web3 into our hackathon idea. My teammates and I were eager to read DeSo’s documentation and went through each endpoint just to see the API’s different uses – it was really cool!

3. Aditya Chaudhary, Express ItBest Use of DeSo at A Hack A Day 2

Express It is an anonymous social platform for people who want to express themself in front of the world without being judged. Opening up feelings is hard, Express It makes it easier! We used DesoPy & DesoJS for our libraries and DeSo for the blockchain element. 

I loved that I could use DeSo to make a social media platform while only focusing on the front end. DeSo’s APIs and SDKs were also very helpful! Web3 is awesome, the opportunity in this space is incredible. Especially building on DeSo where you can make social apps very easily. 

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