Local Hack Day: Build was nothing short of magical in every sense of the word! In just 8 short days, you all turned an event into so much more; you turned it into a community. From late-night Discord hangouts and inside jokes to Chrome Dinosaur and Totally Not Ryan memes, LHD: Build would not have been the same without each and every one of you.

Local Hack Day By The Numbers

We were completely blown away by the number of hackers who participated in Local Hack Day: Build and came back session after session for workshops, technical live sessions, and mini-events! These events were booming with thousands of hackers tuning in to learn new skills, play games, and hang out with Ryan and Mary for leaderboard updates. This amounted to over 30,000 check-ins around the world!

Our Discord was lighting up with notifications as hackers sent messages at all hours of the day. There were over 15,000 messages sent and we had tons of new hackers join us (2,803 in fact). We really enjoyed seeing you all connect with each other and form new friendships. We hope that you’ll be able to take these new relationships beyond Local Hack Day and into weekend Member Event hackathons and future events as well.

Not only was Discord ablaze with notifications, but our socials blew up too. We saw over 2,000 posts across all social platforms! You were so engaged all week long and sharing out your favorite moments along the way.

Some of our favorite photos included photos from “cupstacking” (seen above), fun with Blahaj, and lots of coffee meetups. Make sure to take a look at all of the #LocalHackDay posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

We can’t fail to mention all of the amazing art you all created! Here are just a few of our favorites:

Local Hack Day By The Leaderboards

The work all of you put into this week was mind-blowing. Together, you completed just under 16,000+ challenges with over 6,00 of those being submitted on Devpost for a total of 68,000+ total points earned! You nearly broke our spreadsheets three or four times with all the points you earned and that in itself is a feat!

A huge congratulations to the hackers and guilds that made their way up the leaderboards! It’s so inspiring to see how hard you worked all week to learn new skills, build new hacks, and make new friends! Out of thousands of participants, these 10 hackers raised to the top of the ranks.

There were some really great moments throughout the process like seeing guilds running their own events, meeting new friends who lived across the world through the power of a guild, and all of the fun inside jokes you shared in Discord.

We loved seeing the formation of ESTechies, a group of hackers that came together because of their shared timezone. They ended up recruiting a ton of hackers and making the leaderboard.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the accomplishment of EddieHub in surpassing the top guild at LHD: Learn, DSC, with their total points.

We can’t wait to see what the leaderboards will look like at Local Hack Day: Share!

Big Thanks To…

  • The thousands of hackers who participated at all hours of the day and night all in the pursuit of knowledge and learning

Don’t Miss Out On Local Hack Day: Share

Local Hack Day: Share is quickly approaching in just a few weeks! LHD: Share is a week-long celebration of sharing everything you’ve learned as a hacker. If you’ve been hacking with us all year, we’re excited to have you back. If this is your very first event, we’ve got a ton of beginner-friendly challenges for you to complete that’ll have you shipping your hack like a pro in no time. You’ll have your pick of technical, design, and social challenges to complete — each with an emphasis on sharing your work. Sign up for early registration now!

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