There is no better way to celebrate the end of the hackathon season than spending a week building with all of your friends and hacker family! That is exactly what Local Hack Day: Share was for the thousands of people who participated from around the world. It was an event where strangers became friends, where new skills were learned, and where memories (and memes) were created and shared. 

Whether you tuned in to see BLAHAJGang, EddieHub, and Developer Student Community (DSC) duke it out for the top slot on the guild leaderboard, wanted to get a friendly visit from Totally Not Ryan, or you just wanted to Learn, Build, and Share, the event was a success all due to you and your amazing projects. We had an absolute blast looking through the amazing challenges you completed, the designs you created, and the hacks you coded! We can’t wait to see what new challenges you’ll take on at INIT 2022 when we kick off the 2022 Hackathon Season!  Before then, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what you accomplished!


Local Hack Day By The Numbers

Check out these awesome hometown stickers made by hackers! Discord Handles: NishantMinerva, stay_in_school_kids, waqasanwar, Indigo Wizard, Akash, Adam Drummond, Tanishq

Hackers were more active than ever at this event! We saw over 7,000 hackers with almost 85,000 points earned. Those hackers submitted more than 5,200 hacks on Devpost, and an additional 17,000 technical and non-technical challenges via our submission forms. You continue to impress us!

Not only were our forms submissions on the popping with notifications, but so were our social platforms! We saw just under 1,500 social media posts and 17,800+ messages in Discord. Y’all were definitely in the sharing spirit because we also saw 1,200+ referrals and we know you can attest to how fun it is to hack with friends. 

Screenshot submitted by Moyantri Koley of a Sketchful mini-event

When it came to mini-events, you were on the ball. From Chrome Dino and GeoGuesser to a community drawing of MS Paint Bob Ross and Sketchful, we have never seen a group of hackers more excited to get creative and have fun!

MLH Co-Founder Jon Gottfried runs a livestream on How to Make an Apple Pie

Not only were the mini-events fun but the livestreams (technical and otherwise) were some of our favorite times! We completed challenges together on steam such as “Create a Brand Concept with Canva” and “Hack the Weather: Use a Weather API” as well as played around with “Slideshow Party” and “Baking with MLH Co-Founder Jon Gottfried”. In case you missed them, feel free to catch them on our Twitch channel!


Local Hack Day By The Leaderboards

At this iteration of LHD: Share, there were 30 hackers that rose to the top of the leaderboards! There was more competition at this event for the top slots than ever before and we were surprised at those who claimed them. BLAHAJGang took the top ranking for guilds with over 15,000 points with EddieHub right behind at close to 9,000. The Guild Activity Leaderboard was topped by ataxia followed by Technorats. 

As for the individual hacker ranking, we saw Adam Cameron Drummon at the top with 236 points with Shubham_hekrrr and starkizard tied for second place with 229. We wonder how many points will be at the top of the leaderboard for INNIT 2022!


Big Thanks To…

We had some incredible partners at this event who helped to equip our hackers with top-of-the-line products and resources! If you didn’t get a chance yet, make sure to take a look at the awesome ways they are helping hackers like yourself.

  • Linode for empowering our hackers with $100 in cloud credits and providing awesome documentation on how to get started with using Linode cloud services as well as their great workshop!
  • Agora for sharing their RTE Certificate Program to help hackers learn coding skills, build portfolios, and get certified & for their awesome workshop on setting up a low-code Video Chat application! 
  • Codota for giving our hackers the opportunity to use the Tabnine text editor extension that implements AI technology to autocomplete your code for you! 
  • Verisign for being the official domain sponsor of LHD: Share and getting us all excited about .COM domain names! 


How Can I Get More Involved?

That’s a great question! Here are several ways you can get more involved in MLH to gear up for the 2022 season!


Join us June 27th through July 5th to kick off the 2022 Hackathon Season in this week-long celebration of hacking! We’ll have challenges for all technical and experience levels to complete all week, swag for you to earn (so you can start your season in style), and announcements about what MLH is doing to empower you going forward. Sign up now!


MLH Localhost Workshops

Participate in beginner-friendly technical workshops led by MLH Coaches and community members! These workshops cover the latest and hottest topics in tech from Blockchain to Full Stack Web Dev. You can learn it all through these workshops! They are held for all time zones on Monday — Saturday! See all upcoming workshops!


The MLH Hackathon League

Want to try out your new skills at an invention competition? Try out an MLH hackathon! There are still a few events left this season and there will be Hosted by MLH hackathons all summer! Whether it’s run by us or is a membered event, you are bound to make new friends, industry contacts, and add new skills and a hack to your portfolio and resume. Plus, the swag is pretty cool! Sign up right away!


MLH Fellowship

Looking to level up your development skills? Check out the MLH Fellowship where we have 3 different programs designed to help you improve your skills and build out your portfolio! We’ve got the Explorer program designed for those starting out and looking to build out their portfolio. There’s also the open-source program for those looking to gain experience working on huge projects used by people all over the world. Lastly, we have the Externship for those looking to work with real companies and organizations on exciting projects. Apply now!