Attend A Workshop

As classes are about to let out, the possibilities for the summer seem endless. But how will you use your newfound free time? Our hackers continue to impress us by taking their education into their own hands and we are here to provide you with more opportunities to do so.

We have decided to run our Localhost workshops during the week (Mon-Fri) so that our hackers will never be without the opportunity to learn something new. Bring your friends and learn about new tools and resources available to you. 

You’ll come out of the summer as a pro coder and we can’t wait to see what you will build during the MLH Summer League and in the 2021 Hackathon Season.

Check out upcoming workshops here.

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Host A Workshop

Calling all hacker community leaders! Hosting online workshops is a great way to keep your community engaged during Quarantine. Anyone can host a Localhost workshop, no matter what their level of technical knowledge is. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop, check out our site to learn more about it

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people from the community all around the world, or just stay connected with your local community online. If you’re unsure about how to host an online workshop check out our blog post that explains all the ins and outs of bringing your workshop online. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at We are here to help!