I am Harshal Raikwar, and I am a senior majoring in Computer Science studying at SRMIST in India.  I heard about Major League Hacking (MLH) while attending an MLH partner hackathon, WinHacks. After that, I participated in MLH’s weekly hackathons and Global Hack Week

I have attended more than 50 MLH hackathons! For me, hackathons are a great place to test my abilities and learn through hands-on experience. I learn something new and grow as a professional at each hackathon through networking with other participants, collaborating with others to build a project, and attending interactive live sessions by industry experts.

My Favorite Parts of MLH Hackathons

The best part of attending an MLH hackathon is to use and test out all the free benefits and promotions provided by the hackathon sponsors like Google Cloud and Twilio. By using the free credits, hackers are given the opportunity to learn new skills and build things quickly. My favorite perk is the promo codes for free domains that I often use to host my hackathon project websites! 

The second best part of attending an MLH hackathon is the community. The community has helped me a lot by providing access to mentor support whenever I needed it. The volunteers are also always ready to help and support you anytime.

Tips for Beginner Hackers

If you’re thinking about attending an MLH hackathon, below is some advice to help you get started on your hacker journey!

  • Always research and plan for the hackathon.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions from mentors whenever you are stuck.
  • Prioritize the main components and focus more on presentation because that matters a lot.
  • Attend as many workshops as you can. As those workshops are conducted by lead industry leaders, it is a great way to learn from the best and apply your new knowledge to your project.

The Impact of Hackathons on My Career

Through hackathons, I have learned a lot of new skills not only related to tech but other communication and management skills as well like how to lead and collaborate with others. I’ve also learned so many technical skills such as cloud computing and testing which helped me build my resume.

All of these new skills I’ve learned helped me create a code sample for the MLH Fellowship, and prepare for the interview rounds of the application process. MLH offers fast-track interview passes for hackathon winners which could save you a lot of time in applying and interviewing!

Interested in attending an MLH hackathon?

For me, MLH is one of the best communities out there where people from various backgrounds can come and help each other. I have never been part of a community where I can find someone to help and support my work. Even other members apart from the core team are always helpful and answer every question.

For more information about MLH hackathons and to view upcoming events, visit our website here. Stay connected with Harshal on LinkedIn here!