Did you know that recruiting for summer internships starts as early as September? To help you get started on your career search, we curated a list of the top internship programs in tech. 

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1. Fidelity LEAP Program

If you’re an upcoming or recent college graduate, we recommend checking out the Fidelity LEAP program. The LEAP program provides you with 12 to 18 weeks of dedicated paid training that helps you transition to your full-time role at Fidelity.

Fidelity is currently hiring Full-Stack Engineers for their 2024 LEAP program with two available start dates: January 2024 or June 2024. 

Fidelity LEAP is designed to reinforce a culture of continuous development and a growth mindset through immersive, high-impact learning experiences. You’ll practice your skills on projects that tackle real-world challenges that Fidelity is facing today. Along the way you’ll receive personalized coaching and mentoring, as well as the opportunity to build a meaningful, cross-company network.

2. Fidelity Intern Program

The 10-week Fidelity Intern Program is a world-class opportunity for college-level students looking to explore and learn more about Fidelity’s business and culture through a cohesive and centralized program experience. 

Fidelity has a wide range of internship roles every summer. They hire interns into 8 major skill areas, including a technology internship program. Fidelity offers internships in Full-Stack, Mobile, Data, or Systems engineering. The application window is currently open — apply today!

3. Google – Student Training Engineering Program (STEP) 

STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program), formerly known as Engineering Practicum, is a 12-week internship for first and second-year undergraduate students with a passion for computer science.

The internship program focuses on providing development opportunities to students from historically underrepresented groups in tech, through technical training and professional development. This unique internship offers the opportunity to work on a software project alongside other STEP interns and full-time Googlers, and provides the chance to bridge the gap between academic understanding and practical professional experience.

4. Microsoft – Software Engineering Internship Program

Every year, Microsoft welcomes thousands of university students from every corner of the world to join their company. The Software Engineering Internship is just one of the many internships that Microsoft offers each year.