At MLH, we want everybody to have the chance to go to hackathons. Hackathons are a great place for beginners to learn about tech, to build cool stuff, and to have fun with friendly people. But travelling around the country can be tough for students on a tight budget. That’s why, to celebrate Major League Hacking’s first UK season, we’ll pay for your travel to hackathons this Autumn. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you can apply for the reimbursements here. Just tell us what hackathon you want to go to and where you’re coming from.


How does it work? We’ll notify you if you’ve been accepted for the reimbursement. Bring your receipt for travel to the hackathon you’re going to and we’ll reimburse you up to £40 (and no, you can’t go 1st class). You can get the reimbursement for more than one hackathon. If enough people from your city are going to a hackathon, we’ll charter a coach for you all.

We expect 2000 students will be attending MLH hackathons this Autumn, so we can’t guarantee we’ll help everybody. We’ll try to help as many as we can but if demand is high, we’ll have to select those who need the most help. We’ll only be able to help out UK students and perhaps a few from the rest of Europe.

We know so many people whose lives have been changed by hackathons so we’re really excited to help lower the barrier to entry. We want no hacker left behind. If you have any questions, shoot us a message at

Happy hacking from MLH UK!