Since 2008, Twilio has been helping software developers build personalized customer experiences. As one of the leading cloud communications platforms globally, Twilio’s APIs are trusted by more than 200,000 corporate customers, including household names like Spotify, Airbnb, Netflix, and Twitter. 

3-Year Partnership, Reaching 200K Developers Globally

In 2021, Twilio partnered with Major League Hacking (MLH) to drive engagement and adoption of Twilio products, bolster Twilio’s student programs, and build brand awareness and preference among the next generation of technology leaders. 

The aim of the partnership was to drive short-term product adoption and long-term affinity for Twilio products by complementing Twilio’s existing DevRel initiatives. To help Twilio achieve these goals, Twilio products were featured across MLH’s portfolio of events including our Hackathon League, Global Hack Week, and Hackcon.

Becoming the Brand of Choice Among Developers

MLH’s Hackathon League reaches more than 80,000 developers across the globe each year. The Hackathon League is an affordable and scalable alternative to sponsoring individual events, and gives companies like Twilio the chance to engage with developers continuously throughout the year.

Each Hackathon League sponsorship is personalized to help our partners achieve their goals. For Twilio, this included a digital presence on both the Major League Hacking website, swag distribution at events, and a prize activation. The goal of the prize category was to incentivize 2023 Hackathon Season attendees to build with Twilio in their hackathon projects.

During the 2023 Hackathon Season, MLH promoted Twilio at 170 events, and by the end of the season, Twilio had received 585 project submissions with over 2,000+ developers using Twilio products in their hackathon projects.

Building a Community of Early Adopters

Over the 3-year partnership, Twilio has become one of MLH’s most widely adopted and preferred partner technologies. In 2023, Twilio was one of the most popular choices in both reported usage and desired future use. 

Nearly 18% of developers in the MLH community reported using Twilio in the last year compared to 10% in 2021. An additional 30% of developers indicated that they plan to use Twilio in the next year. 

By the end of our partnership, Twilio had reached more than 200K developers globally.