University of Manchester Wins the 2017 MLH Europe Hackathon Season

The 2017 MLH Europe Hackathon Season (running from August 2016 – July 2017) was our biggest yet. More than 10,000 hackers came to MLH Member hackathons around Europe to learn, build, and share technology with their friends.

Our Europe season hosted 46 Member Hackathons, with students from more than 500 universities and high schools coming out to build awesome hacks.

University of Manchester once again took the victory. As a returning champion, they had the highest number of merit points and the second highest number of participation points across the 2017 Europe Season. Combined, this brought them to another victory.

Merit points are gathered by having students from your school build winning projects at a hackathon. While winning is not the main focus of hackathons, it is important to recognize the creativity and polish required to receive an award at an event. Winning hacks also give other hackers something to inspire them and something for them to aspire to.

Participation points are gathered by sending groups of students from your school to participate in hackathons. These points are balanced so that small and large schools can make an impact on the MLH rankings. Sending 500 students to one event (like your school’s own hackathon) is balanced against sending 30 to another event across the country.

1st Place: University of Manchester

University of Manchester’s hackathon GreatUniHack was established in 2014 and brings together 200 students from more than 80 universities across Europe to work and develop innovative ideas in a competitive environment. This year’s edition aims to introduce a new generation of developers with great potential for improving the technology industry and community.

Make sure to congratulate the hackers from University of Manchester if you see them at an event!

Top Ten Schools

There was a lot of movement among our top five schools this season.

University of Sheffield and University of Sussex rose to be second and third place respectively from their previous position in 12th and 20th place.

We also saw Technische Universitaet München rise from 33rd place in Spring 2016 to 15th place this season, which is a huge increase.

We congratulate all of the rising hacker communities across Europe and wish you luck in the 2018 Season!

Check out the top 10 schools below:

Overall Rank School Attendance Rank Merit Rank
1 The University of Manchester 2 1
2 The University of Sheffield 3 5
3 The University of Sussex 1 18
4 The University of Edinburgh 5 3
5 Birmingham City University 4 11
6 University College London 11 2
7 Universitat Politècnica de
8 7
8 Aston University 12 4
9 Imperial College London 15 8
10 The University of Nottingham 18 6

You can find the rest of the season rankings by clicking here.

Top North American Schools

See our North America rankings and winner announcement here. Congratulations to the Georgia Institute of Technology!

Want to win this season?

Major League Hacking’s 2018 season has already begun and in-progress standings are available here. There are 16 Europe MLH Member hackathons already announced and many more to come. Attend an event near your school soon!

Never been to a hackathon before? Don’t worry! Hackathons are for beginners too and we’ve seen first time hackers win some of the largest events.

Aiming to win can be fun but remember that hackathons are about learning, building and sharing above all.

Happy Hacking!