What’s in Your HackPack is a recurring series that examines the gear hackers bring with them to hackathons. For this installment, we peek inside Kevin Lewis’ messenger bag.

Kevin is a JavaScript developer based in the UK, with experience participating in and running hackathons. He enjoys board games, comic books and is a member of the Open Rights Group. hackpack

  1. Troop London 2011 Collection: I got this bag over two years ago. It’s a simple, unassuming messenger bag with plenty of little compartments to put stuff in. The Velcro has torn off and it’s starting to look scruffy, but I’ll always have a soft spot for it. This bag is quite small, and forms the basis of my lean HackPack.
  1. Cables: I always carry a Lightning and Micro USB cable to hackathons to charge or sideload apps onto devices.
  1. Muji A6 Memo Pad: Sometimes you don’t want to keep notes, and just need something quick or short term. This is my notebook for just that! I use it to get ideas down on paper before starting to build.
  1. Muji Natural Hexagonal Pen: As you may have already guessed, I only get stationary at one store, and this lovely light pen is the best I’ve ever used.
  1. Moto G 2014: This was my primary phone for a while. It’s cheap and fairly good for the cost. Now I only use it for work and as a development device.IMG_0580
  1. iPhone 6: This is a new addition to my collection and hasn’t made it to a hackathon yet where I’m participating rather than organizing. It’s all ready for the next event, though!
  1. EarPods: Given the modest size of my bag I’ve settled on Apple’s EarPods to accompany me on my travels rather than a big pair of over-the-ear headphones.
  1. Bullet Journal: Yet another notebook from Muji. I use the Bullet Journal system to keep all of my thoughts in order – this book is my life: my to do list; my planning; and notes about projects.muji notebook
  1. Cinnamon Altoids: I recently discovered Cinnamon Altoids on a trip to the US and they are amazing. They always stay in my bag and I often burn through a couple dozen during a hackathon. cinnamon altoids
  1. Laptop Charger: MacBook charger. ‘Nuff said.
  1. Macbook Air 11”: Probably the single best device I’ve ever used. Light, powerful enough for practically any event, with really decent battery life. I’ve only had this specific Mac for about eight months, so I’m still working to fill it with stickers.macbook air