You might have noticed some small changes in our logo (at least one awesome hacker did). Today we are very excited to announce that Windows will be joining Dell as Major League Hacking’s co-presenting partner for North America this year.

For all of the MLH fans out there, you’ve already seen many ways Dell and Alienware support our community by providing some of the most highly-lauded consumer computing technology available today to our teams – providing the computing power required to hack the next generation of innovation. Dell XPS and Alienware solutions in our MLH Hardware Lab continue to empower our community members to build more powerful projects on the very latest technology that support their needs. And of course, who can forget cup stacking to give us all a break from staring at a computer screen for 36 hours?

If you’ve missed how Dell powered MLH to support student hackers over the past two years, check out this great video we made at HackTX.

“Both Dell and Alienware are proud and excited to provide an opportunity for tomorrow’s innovators to push their creative limits through our end to end solutions,” said Josh Landau, Dell Executive Director of Marketing. “Through our partnership with Major League Hacking (MLH), now in its third year, we have been able to support tens of thousands of students across hundreds of events. By working with MLH, we have been able to provide student hackers with the best technology out there so that they can continue to push innovation forward. We’re inspired by their passion for technology.”

This partnership is only going to get better with Windows joining Dell this year. As many of you know, the Windows team has been rolling out some fantastic new products for developers. We are particularly excited to see how these new tools will enable student hackers to build even more impressive projects this year.

Stay tuned for more updates from the MLH League team about some exciting new changes this season that will make your hackathons, hacker clubs, and hacker experience even more awesome, powered by Dell and Windows!

Happy Hacking with Major League Hacking powered by Dell and Windows –

Jon, Swift, and the MLH Team