November is an action packed month for Hackathons. Over the next couple weeks, there are a ton of awesome university hackathons happening all across the country. We’re excited to announce that Major League Hacking has teamed up with a few of them to bring you the 2013 Fall Post Season.

The Postseason will last for two weeks and include three events that we think are a great addition to the MLH Family. It kicks off this weekend, November 8th – 10th, with both Yale’s Y-Hack and Hack Princeton happening simultaneously. And then next week, we’ll be traveling down to Durham, North Carolina for the finale at HackDuke on November 16th & 17th.

Just like the main season, the school with the most points at the end of the Postseason will get to keep an epic trophy. We’ll be posting pictures of it later this week. If you want to be notified when we do or when we make official announcements, sign up below.

Updates to the Merit Points System

We’re using the postseason as an opportunity to experiment with a number of changes that we may implement for the 2014 Spring Season. One of the biggest is a modification to the scoring system regarding Merit Points.

During the Fall Season, we gave each hackathon 1,000 Merit Points to distribute along with prizes based on merit. That works out well when all the events are the same size, but when they aren’t things get a little tricky. Great hackathons come in all shapes and sizes, so we need a system that accounts for that. This time around, we’re going to give each event 100 Merit Points per 100 hackers that show up with an upper limit of 1,000.

We’ll announce how many points will be distributed along with the breakdown once the event has gotten under way.

Stay Tuned for Updates

We’ll be making some more announcements about the Postseason and the upcoming Spring season in the coming weeks. Keep you eyes on the blog and follow us on Twitter at @MLHacksfor details.

Happy Hacking!

– Swift & the MLH Team