We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the calendar for the 2014 Fall Season. Last semester more than 10,000 student hackers competed at nearly 40 Major League Hacking hackathons all over the United States and Canada. The Fall Season is gearing up to be the biggest and best season yet, here’s a sneak peak of some of the awesome events that are on the way!


With almost three full months to go until September, we already have 15 hackathons that will be a part of the Fall Season. Here’s why the MLH team is excited about each of them.


MHacks September 5th – 7th

If you haven’t been to an MHacks before, you’re not going to want to miss this one. We’re kicking off the Fall Season in a big way with the 4th installment of the University of Michigan’s hackathon. The event will be returning to Ann Arbor (it was in Detroit during the Spring)!


PennApps X September 12th – 14th

This Fall marks the 10th installment of one of the oldest and most beloved hackathons around – PennApps X. From the sounds of it, they’ve got a lot of awesome stuff in the works. One of the things we’re most excited about is the extended focus on hardware hacks. Check out this awesome video of last season’s winner, Homework Machine.


HackGT September 19th – 21st

We just started seeing hackathons pop up in the South last season. We’re really excited about Georgia Tech’s hackathon HackGT, which could be the first Southern hackathon to break 1,000 attendees. (They win the award for most legit event landing page, since their website is just an Oscar Wilde quote right now!)


Hack the North September 19th – 21st

Another newcomer event, the University of Waterloo’s Hack the Northhas the potential to be a really awesome hackathon. They’re shooting to be Canada’s largest hackathon ever and have partnered with YCombinator. Sam Altman will be making an appearance along with some other really incredible judges and speakers.


Unhackathon September 19th – 21st

The Stony Brook Computing Society is making their Major League Hacking debut in a big way this Fall. After an exciting Spring season, the Stony Brook Seawolves are ready to up the game for hackathons everywhere and put a new spin on the traditional format. They’re launching the first ever Unhackathon – a hackathon focused on mentorship, nontraditional prizes, and collaboration.


BigRed//Hacks September 26th – 28th

Hackathons are taking the Ivy League by storm. Cornell is launching their inaugural Major League Hacking event, BigRed//Hacks. Students from a diverse array of backgrounds and schools will gather in Ithaca in September. The event is very newbie-friendly and will be a great place for all hackers to get a taste of what it’s like to create mind-blowingly awesome technology.


Design & Hack September 26th – 28th

Design & Hack is the first student hackathon focused on design. The Parsons Creative Code Club is launching this fresh new event in the Fall to give developers and designers a place to collaborate and learn something about what life is like on the other side of the desk.


Cal Hacks October 3rd – 5th

Last semester we saw the epic rise of West Coast Hackathons with HackTech and LAHacks. We think the University of California, Berkeley’s hackathon, Cal Hacks, could be the first major event in the Bay Area.


HackMizzou October 3rd – 5th

This Midwestern hackathon returns in the Fall to the University of Missouri. Hackers in the Midwest are taking the world by storm, and HackMizzou attracts some of the best. We can’t wait to see The Show Me State show everyone who’s boss.


HackMIT October 4th – 5th

MIT’s hackathon, HackMIT, is back this Fall! Last year, it was one of the most impressive events around. Their landing page boasts that they’re putting together a “Hackathon like None Other” and we believe they can do it!


hackNY October 18th – 19th

I’ve personally been to all but one of the hackNY hackathons, and there’s a good reason for that. Not only does this hackathon bring together the best hackers in the New York metro area, but it’s also a great place for hackers just getting their start. Almost everyone who attends finishes a hack!


HackTX October 18th – 19th

We’re really excited about the return of the University of Texas, Austin’s hackathon, HackTX. We’ve been hearing from more and more hackers in Texas and they’re all hungry for high quality events. We can’t wait to get everyone in the region together for an epic weekend of hacking.


Kent Hack Enough October 24th – 26th

Kent Hack Enough is not only one of the best student hackathons out there, but it’s also the largest hackathon in the entire state of Ohio. Put on by hacKSU, this event has been growing every year and includes the best hackers from the surrounding region. Why throw it? BECAUSE YOU SIMPLY KENT HACK ENOUGH (dohohohoho)


Y-Hack October 31st – November 2nd

This Fall, the team at Yale is doing something especially scary – they’re hosting Y-Hack on Halloween! Hacker costume contest anyone? They’re also shooting for an unheard of 1,500 hackers.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come soon!

This is just the begining. We’ll be announcing even more hackathons for the Fall Season in the coming weeks. You’ll always be able to find the official schedule here.

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As always, happy hacking everyone!

– Swift