Even though HackMIT is literally taking place in an ice rink, there’s nothing chill about the atmosphere right now. Hackers are frantically coding to get their hacks into a working state and the clock is quickly ticking down. With the top 10 schools within a few hundred points of each other, the title of MLH Fall 2013 Champion is within grasp for any of them.

As per usual, here’s how the 1,000 merit points will be distributed along with prizes at the end of the hackathon. If you need a quick refresher on how scoring works, check out the post here. We tried to make point distribution much more flat this time around. Taking home first place won’t necessarily catapult you into first, but it’ll definitely push you towards the top of the list.

Top Three Hacks 400 Points

  • 1st Place – 200 Points
  • 2nd Place – 110 Points
  • 3rd Place – 90 Points

Category Prizes 600 Points

  • Makes Life So Easy – 75 Points
  • API Innovation Award – 75 Points
  • Best Use of Algorithms Award – 75 Points
  • Wingman Smooth UI Award – 75 Points
  • What Does The Fox Say? Award – 75 Points
  • KPCB Fellows Award – 75 Points
  • “Under 20” Hack Award – 75 Points
  • Most likely to be the “Next Big Thing” – 75 Points

We’ll be pushing out updated school scores later this week, so be sure to keep you eye on the blog and follow us at @MLHacks for real time updates from Major League Hacking.

– Swift (@SwiftAlphaOne)