Minor League Hacking has been discontinued. To see a list of High School Hackathons check out Hack Club’s List of High School Hackathons.

When the first High School Hackers meetup was held at PennApps last year, it brought together hundreds of like-minded teenagers for the first time. Over the course a year, high school hackers made their mark, not only exhibiting hockey stick growth in their Facebook group, but also winning hackathons like MHacks.

Today, we’re bringing High School hacking to the next level with the introduction of Minor League Hacking (http://minorleaguehacking.org/), a partnership with MLH that will focus on teenage hackers. Currently, Minor League Hacking will display high school hackathon events and college level hackathons that admit high schoolers. We plan to bring official Minor League Hacking events starting in 2015 along with hack showcases and much more.

In June, MLH sponsored food for a High School Hackers meetup in NYC. We were blown away by some of the demos and decided to work together to launch Minor League Hacking.

hs hackers prizes

The goal of Minor League Hacking is to encourage more teenagers to attend hackathons and learn computer science while supporting current high school hackers to build great things. When I attended my first hackathon as a high school student, I was lost in an abyss of adults and code illiteracy. Through Minor League Hacking, we hope to help create a friendly environment for high schoolers of any skill level to learn programming and build cool ideas. We encourage leaders in the hackathon community to hold high school hackathons or admit high schoolers to college hackathons. We’ll help provide support and promotion to your event. Interested? Get more information here.

Minor League Hacking is the next step for teenagers interested in computer science. Like the first meetup last year at PennApps, we are only at the tip of the iceberg for high school hacking. We’re super excited for our launch and can’t wait to see what we can achieve next year.

Never stop learning. Never stop building.

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