Today, we’re pivoting. Our last two seasons we’ve been able to provide you amazing hardware at all MLH events. To make that possible we’ve been learning all about the logistics of packing and shipping. Every hackathon starts with a member of the MLH staff receiving a pallet full of amazing things for you to hack on. Once an event ends we repack all of that hardware and send it to the next event.

As it turns out we’ve now become experts at packing things.

Major League Hacking is now changing our mission from spreading the hacker ethos to providing packing services for everybody. To reflect this change we’re rebranding from Major League Hacking to Major League Packing.

While we’ve had a great time hosting hackathons we’re now searching for the best ninja rock stars that own strange things for us to pack up.

Everyone has the right to have their stuff packed up. To help us achieve that goal we’ll be hosting our first ever Packathon. A Packathon, will last several minutes and provide opportunities for students to bring us weird packages and have us wrap them on both wooden pallets! What a great opportunity.

We’re at day two of the packing revolution. Thanks to every member of our community for playing cup stacking. Your enthusiasm when it comes to piling things up as high as possible just further justifies the global desire to have stuff packed up as high as possible, validating our new business model.


Be sure to keep an eye out for Packcon, a conference to teach you how to organize your first Packathon and Local Pack Day, a 12 Hour global event celebrating all the misshapened objects at your school. Finally, we’ll be airing our own TV Show, Packathon.TV, on HBO at 10/9 central starting tonight.

To reflect these changes the Hackathon Hackers community is migrating over to a new group: Packathon Packers. MHacks will also be rebranding to MPacks, SteelPacks just joined the season, and HackRU will be switching gears to focus on Food Packaging with this season’s SnackRU. We’re excited that the members of our community will continue to support us as we undertake this change.

While who we are and what we do is changing, we’re excited to focus on doing the work we care about and ship it all over the world. We hope you’ll soon come to share our love of flat transport structures and support us as we embark on this new journey.

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