In case you missed it, last weekend was HackMIT up in Boston. Students from all over the United States and Canada came together to hack on some really amazing technology. The competition was stiff and since this was the 2nd to last MLH event of the season, the outcome is going to determine who’s still in the running tomorrow at HackRU. Let’s see how things turned out.

Rank School Attendance Pts. Merit Pts. Total Pts.
1 Carnegie Mellon University 128 625 753
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 56 442.5 498.5
3 University of Maryland 96 316.66 412.66
4 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 94 311.66 405.66
5 Columbia University 84 300 384
6 University of Michigan 99 200 299
7 Stanford University 18 200 218
8 University of Rochester 4 152.5 156.5
9 Virginia Tech 54 100 154
10 University of Chicago 2 150 152

The big changes to note are that Columbia has fallen from 2nd to 5th place and MIT has risen from 7th to take Columbia’s spot in 2nd. CMU is still clearly in the lead and it finally looks like their starting to break away from the pack. You can get a full standings breakdown on the standings page and you can review last week’s standings here. Read on for a full breakdown of the new points.

The Merit Points

Just like the other events this season, the HackMIT organizers got 1,000 points to distribute along with prizes based on merit. CMU, Columbia, and Maryland have been consistently snagging sizable chunks of those at other events. This time, the points went to the following hacks / schools:

  • 1st Place – Lightboard (100pts. MIT, 100pts. CMU)
  • 2nd Place – Images as Text (110pts. MIT)
  • 3rd Place – PiVision (45pts. MIT, 45pts. U of Arizona)
  • Makes Life So Easy – nommit (75pts. CMU)
  • API Innovation – Balance (75pt. Waterloo)
  • Best Use of Algorithms – Coeus (75pts. Cal Poly Pomona)
  • Smooth UI – Not Awarded
  • What does the fox say? – Sharity (75pts. Rutgers)
  • KPCB Fellows – Pebble Go (75pts Concordia)
  • Under 20 Hack – Silkspeak (37.5pts. Princeton, 37.5pts. U of Rochester)
  • Next Big Thing – PiVision (37.5pts. MIT, 37.5pts. CMU)

The Attendance Points

If you’ve been following along with the stats at all, you’ll know we’ve been having some problems with getting accurate attendance points. A big chunk of hackers have been submitting their hacks with their primary email address instead of their university one. Figuring out which school each hacker belongs to has been a bit of a challenge, but we’re working on it with the organizers of the events without accurate data.

For what we did have, here are the top 10 schools by attendance:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 50pts.
  2. University of Maryland – 44pts.
  3. University of Michigan – 28pts.
  4. Carnegie Mellon University – 20pts.
  5. McGill University – 20pts.
  6. Brown University – 18pts.
  7. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – 18pts.
  8. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – 16pts.
  9. State University of New York at Buffalo – 12pts.
  10. Worcester Polytechic Institute – 12pts.

You can find a full dump of the attendance here. Remember, you only get one point if the hackathon is at your school and you only get points if you submit a hack. If you know the count for your school is inaccurate for a fact, get in touch with the names of the hackers from your school and which hacks they we members of.

Closing Thoughts

With 1,000 points on the line at HackRU tomorrow, it’s still anyone’s game. Catching up with CMU is still going to be tough though. I’m working with the organizers to try to do the rankings in real time on Sunday during the demos, so maybe someone will actually go home with the trophy this weekend!

Good luck to everyone hacking. I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

– Swift (@SwiftAlphaOne)