It’s time! We’re very excited to announce the final two hackathons that make up the inaugural MLH UK Hackathon Fall season! These two hacks add some choice and give alternative options to some of the existing season offering to give more students the opportunity to attend a hackathon.


WarwickHACK November 15th – 16th

The mid-November offering for the Midlands sees Warwick, a University whose Coat of Arms features atoms and bears, holding a 75-student hackathon. WarwickHACK will be hosted by WarwickTECH in the university’s Engineering Department and gives students access to 3D printers and laser-cutters! Who doesn’t love lasers?


OxHack November 29th – 30th

MLH comes to Oxford with OxHack, a 100 student hackathon held by Europe’s biggest student entrepreneurship society. One of the oldest universities in the world, Oxford sets a beautiful scene to feel inspired and get your hack on!

This brings the total for the UK Fall season to 10 hackathons! That’s pretty impressive. We’ve seen the student hackathon scene grow hugely over the past few months. It’s great to see so many new hackathons popping up, it’s great to see so many organizers jumping in and learning how to organize these events, and it’s great to see hackathons become much more available to students all around the country. Get to a hackathon this season! It’s going to be amazing.

EDIT: Due to venue problems, the Edinburgh hackathon will be rescheduled to the Spring Season.